I’m an FE English/history lecturer who has experience teaching the following:

  • A-Level English Language (legacy AQA spec)
  • A-Level English Literature (legacy A and B spec and new B spec)
  • A-Level Communication and Culture (AQA spec)
  • GCSE English (AQA 4700 spec)
  • GCSE English language (AQA 9-1 spec)
  • A-Level history (OCR)

In October 2015, I was appointed the Career Pathway Leader for English at a  large college in Derbyshire. This role entails the co-ordination of the English-related courses we deliver, as well as providing support and training for the English team.

Throughout my time teaching and performing my subject leader duties, I’ve encountered various moments in which I’ve thought “this would make for an interesting blog!”…so here I am.

Let me take a moment to explain the name of this blog: ‘Marlowe’s corner’. I’m interested in Renaissance literature and when I bought a little fluffy bundle of feline fur, I decided to call him Marlowe (a kitten named after ‘Kit’ Marlowe was quite apt I thought). I got the idea for Marlowe’s corner, because I often sit out of the way (usually in the corner of my living room) and curl up with a good book. However, Marlowe likes to lay on my lap while I do this, so it’s his corner. Marlowe’s corner.


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