Week of words


This week at my place of work has been dubbed the ‘week of words’ which, as the name may suggest, emphasises all things word-related. There have been student debates, writing competitions and readings of Shakespeare monologues, to name but a few of the events having been put in place. I must say that the atmosphere has been wonderful; I am particularly pleased that so many students have got on board and enjoyed the celebration of language, literature and creativity. I suppose I’m a little biased, considering that this is what I hope to instil in my own learners studying an English-related course anyway.

On Monday, I took a group of my students down to take part in a workshop run by two published writers: Paul Kane and Marie O’ Regan. I found the session informative and relevant for those students who have at least considered completing some of their own writing. I have been very impressed with the willingness that some of my students have demonstrated when it comes to spending the time producing their own work (that isn’t directly related to their own studies).

The workshop involved a discussion that offered students tips and advice on the journey to being published, including how to face (those almost inevitable) rejection letters. As well as this, they went over how to find inspiration in the most surprising of places (noting down any dreams that you can remember was a tip I particularly liked) such as short conversations you may hear when using public transport (for example).

I had a brief chat with the authors afterwards and expressed my interest in getting them to return when the Creative Writing A-Level starts in September this year, to which they seemed keen to get involved with.

A few of my learners seem interested in taking their writing further (again, this is great considering the commitments to their main programme of study) and who knows- maybe we have some budding writers in our midst?

Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan can be found on Twitter:




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